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A person who is to chill to care about anything. Can usally be found sleeping, or listing to music while lying down. Although very lazy and tend to not be aware of anything that goes on around them they are fun to hang around when active
Person 1: bro have you seen John
Person 2: ya he's over there chillin withhis music
Person 1: man thats all he does is chill and listen to music
Person 2: ya he such a Khyri
by KingAwsome3rd September 05, 2011
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A slow stepper in relationships. Either too shy or doesn't have game.Very slow in taking the next step with a girl.
Often seen wearing Jordans.
person 1:so when are you qoing to ask her out?
person 2:oh i don't know,.
person 1:man quit slow stepping and do it, shit imma start calling you a Khyri
by Lauryy April 12, 2008
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