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As mentioned above, an inflection of the word 'kid'. However, this term was NOT invented by the Exeter High School class of 2010, as it has been widely used in the city of Quincy, Massachusetts as far back as 1989.
You're from Exeter, khed? I'm from fahkin Quincy, khed. Your town is queeah.
by HP Dangerously November 01, 2012
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An inflection of the word "kid", primarily used to distinguish between everyday people you talk to and your kheds, i.e., your friends. Invented by Exeter High School Sen10rs (class of 2010).

The "h" is articulated when pronouncing "khed", and the word itself sounds gay unless said in a higher-than-normal pitch.
What up khed?

How we doin' kheds.

Yo, senior year khed.

Just a little laxin' with the kheds.

This is where we separate the kids from the kheds.
by Not that khed June 08, 2010
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