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Khaqan's are usually blue eyed, extremely fair, self obsessed guys. They are good looking, but you shouldn't trust them that well. Oh and they are pervertss and flirts.
Guy to a random girl: You're so pretty, i could bang you all night.

by Khaqan November 09, 2012
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Fuckin khadi whos dad committed suicide when he found out that his son was gonna be such an embarrassement to him. He looks like a gorrilla but claims that hes "peng". Also this big for nothing motherfucker clearly has a mentle problem as he loves to chat shit behind peoples backs and poste stuff online about them but he never says anything to there face..... this fucktard is best left alone. (His appauling state of mentality is due to insest in his family line)
Your one stupid motherfucker but still better then khaqan.
by Jdnekidnfnsjs December 15, 2017
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One who has egotistic and narcissistic tendencies often is a bitch ass hoe who can not shut his mouth

" you're being a khabitch"
Boy #1: "Wow it took you that long to understand that?"
Boy #2: " stfu you're being a khaqan"
by wazowski_76 January 13, 2015
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