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Keylan is always depressed he get mad he want always want to get to hell. Keylan is a gamer but rage he’s loyal he trying to fix he life. Keylan got fake friends and real friends ❤️ And something going to make his life happy 😊 please be nice the the person Keylan because Keylan do not play with these niggas 🤷🏽 ♂️🤣❤️
Don’t play with Keylan
by Suck my dingdong March 30, 2019
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If someone is doing good in either a sport or anything he is doing
That nigga is keylan it out thea!

Man i was keylan ole girl shit last night!
by Antawn B September 27, 2006
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A stank boy who doesn’t like to take baths or showers
Ew that nigga smell like he a keylan
by Famously June 12, 2018
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