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an awesome person! She loves her friends and is and is amazingly cool at everything she does (even if she's no good at it ;) ) All the guys love her, but mainly for her boobs. HAA! her lawyer's name is late masterbaker. (say the last name out loud and really fast!!) she can be a total bitch when she wants to be although i never care. forget "team edward" or "team jacob" from twilight, she is a member (and maybe one of the only ones) of "TEAM SETH" woo! pacman world is addicting to her and music she cannot live without. ICECREAM IS LIFE! yummy dessert planning that never gets finished and oreos and pineapples can be a snack worth eating. she is sooo a drunk dracula. playing the "get up! get down!" game with her just ends up getting you hurt so dont even try it. XD. making a 7th grade puppet show ended up getting her folllowed with a knife going "EE! EEE! EEEE!" as you try to figure this definition out, just remember, ketryns are one of a kind (literally, did you ever even hear of this name before??) so if you ever find one, hang on for your life because although she can be a rollercoaster at times, she's your best friend and she knows how to help you through everything. lovely throughout, never let go of your ketryn. <3
she's so ahmazingly wierd, i name her, KETRYN!
by vanillyperfooome August 14, 2009
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