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Refers to a person awesome in every way; one who excels in beauty, brains, wit, humor, integrity and anything else they attempt. Their only downfall is that they are heartbreakers, men swoon at their feet, but they can't possibly accept the endless amounts of marriage proposals directed towards them.

How to identify a Kescia:
Her eyes gleem with a radiance of a thousand stars, her lips draw you in, like magnets, her hairs is luscious and golden, her eyes make diamonds seem dull, her love is like life, without it, you surely cannot live.
first person: Bra, that Kescia is like crazy awesome.
second person: well obviously dude, shes a Kescia.
first person: You're like totally right maan.
by youwontknowuntilyoumeether September 27, 2011
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Grandpa (talking to grandson) : Listen to my story now sonny, there once was this ancient tale passed down to me from my grandpa about this greek goddess kescia, it was quite the tale, listen hear as I tell you about it...
by greeeekgodess September 21, 2011
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