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Kerpal is a fictional character named in a famous prank call (often attributed to the Jerky boys).

The man in the prank call identifies himself as Kerpal and seems to be of ambiguous South Asian descent. A man known as Akhtar (the correct Pakistani name) answers the telephone. Kerpal then alleges that Akhtar's older daughter kicked his dog. After minutes of confusion it is revealed that the daughter knows nothing about kicking Kerpal's dog, let alone who Kerpal is. The call eventually degrades into a shouting match with Kerpal shouting obscenities to no-end.

At least three different Flash animations have been created to visualize this call. The simplest one, thought to be the original and generally most liked, was created by Adam Letalik and published by in late 1999.
Ello who this this?

This is Kerpal!!
by Obama is the shiz July 10, 2008
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Kerpal: alternative name for Krunal Patel, or Jihadist.
Kerpal: also alternative slang for Pakistani man who follows the Mujahaden
Hey Kerpal, allah akbar!!
Yo LEE, Kerpal is one mean pakistani
by bonker29 January 18, 2007
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