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The most beautiful girl a homeboy can have. Refers to a stud muffin of a babe which gives the greatest birthday presents and makes amazing pasta, totally spur of the moment!
Man, you're such a Kerissa!
by Diego Dancer April 04, 2011
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Kerissa is always a white girl that holds a humble beauty that girls always are curious to learn about. They are most likely NOT the prettiest and if they are new girls, would come from a far away town like Virginia. Kerissa can be a little taller than most girls, and some even stand at 5'10. She's normally nice enough to carry a normal conversation with or just say a few words, that's it. Good thing that Kerissa's don't have bad reputations of any sort either. If your a Kerissa, then you like Hispanic guys with black girl and your father was probably murdered. You are also probably famous around the school because you date the popular guys like Rudy, or you hang with awesome people like Haley or a blonde Michael.
I remember when I met a girl named Kerissa in 4th grade. I broke her friendship bracelet and she got mad. I can't blame her because as youngsters, we will commit all types of sin. I forgive Kerissa now.
by ChristianQueen June 13, 2018
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Usually blonde with blue eyes who is rather dumb and doesnt relize when her bestfriends put lolipop in her hair and they gave her so many hints therefore shes dumb. She can be a total bitch sometimes "LIGIT".

that girl is ligit a kerissa

i know a kerissa
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