A girl who is very talented and pretty, observative and smart, funny and loyal, and fiesty.

You can ask Keria to sing for you and she'll do it with ease (after a few times of pushing her to do it). Some Keria's aren't very fond of their drawing abilities, but they appreciate other people's drawing abilities and talents (she may be a bit judgy about other singers though).

If Keria hears someone complaining about her friends, she will get angry and want to attack you. She can be a bit snappy at moments too from certain comments.

She'll probably have long, brown hair, a basic skin-tone, and gorgeous light brown eyes. She might have big boobs or a big butt, it depends.

Keria will come up with very abnormal, random sayings to make people laugh. They usually will rhyme.

Keria might have straight A's after getting adapted to all of the new surroundings. It will be difficult for her at first before she gets a hang of it.

She may think everyone who doesn't talk to her hates her or something, but she is most likely wrong. Some of them might even find her hot, but they're too shy to say anything.
Jamie: "Yo! Did you meet that new girl? She has an interesting personality."

Joe: "Yeah. Her name's Keria. It lines up with her beauty and interesting personality, doesn't it?"

James: "I think I like that Keria girl."

Karen: "You should talk to her. She won't know if you don't talk to her."
by sarahisweirdlimelight April 26, 2019