The most awesomest person you will ever meet often seen trying to make people laugh and trying to get all the ladies. He's usually darkskin and has a big dick. He's the hottest most amazing and nice boy you'll ever meet. He is usually a shy boy and sensitive.
Kerel is so cool!
Kerel gets all the girls!
by yywfsx January 11, 2014
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Often referring the police.
Godamnit! The kerels are taking our hostage!
by DDIRE October 09, 2020
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A very handsome guy. He usually is a class clown and gets caught up but he is a great Therapist and an amazing friend/boyfriend
Tom:yo look at that kid over there

Jeff:oh yhea that's kerell he is an amazing person
by 5555666213 May 21, 2017
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Ultimate madman, Chad, loves Duvel (the best) beer, usually judged by Puurs-sullen.
Hey have you Seen Den Danny last night he's the biggest Bornem kerel there is.
by Bornem Kerel December 20, 2021
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