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A woman used only for cooking and cleaning, usually married.
She used to be independent now she’s a kept woman.
by Kaybird March 01, 2019
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Verb. A single woman involved in an affair with a married man or man who is already in a serious relationship. Where the man takes care of the mistress 100% in any ways that she needs financially. She is Kept to Keep her Mouth Shut. Period the end.
I heard that, that beautiful woman over there in the BMW, wearing those Gucci sunglasses, got it all because she is a keptwoman.
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by Ms.MiaPinkeye April 19, 2021
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A woman with no backbone in a controlled relationship by a partner who uses and abuses her. The woman may try to leave the abusive relationship but has low self-esteem to do so. The abuser on the other hand will take advantage of this type of woman because they allow them to. The woman may want to leave but are afraid or accept the abuse.
Bill has a kept woman. He never lets her out of the house with her friends.
by cpetkunas October 12, 2020
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