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A great guy for a special girl. If you know a Kephrin you are lucky! although it may not seem it at first. This guy is a one of a kind sweet-heart. He often depicts himself otherwise by his sometimes crude humor, but when it counts, he will be there for you till the end. A Kephrin cares even when he doesn't say it, and if a girl is lucky enough to catch his heart, they will become the most special thing in the world to him. In general if you show him love, he will love you.
Kephrin's often hide what hurts them, and don't like bothering you with it, so it's important to be observant of their feelings.
They also enjoy being social and weird. Kephrin's are very handsome, and can lift any average person. They're a gift from God and someone to take care of and cherish.
sweet-heart love cherish Kephrin
by lucky20 January 05, 2011
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