When you jam your thumb into a gaping hole, whether it be tragic or erotic, to save a life.
"My buddy was in real trouble until I gave him the Kentucky Plug"
by Donut Operator May 21, 2021
An act involving a thumb plugging a hole. Pressure significant enough to stop blood flow is required. Sometimes used to save lives. Also used for pleasure.
I gave her the Kentucky Plug to save her life. His prostate was tickled with a Kentucky Plug for fun.
by Wolflord Ballistics May 20, 2021
A sex position where during period sex, if the girl starts to leak blood, you stick your thumb in it.
Bf: “Omg babe are you on your period?!”
Gf: “Do the Kentucky Plug.”

Bf: “What the hell is that?”
Gf: “Just stick a thumb in it.”
by Escky May 20, 2021
The Kentucky Plug is a sex position where the man puts his thumb in a woman who is on her period to stop the bleeding
“Omg Lauren he gave me the Kentucky plug last night in bed it was so hot it went in so deep in my vag
by Kentuckyxbrendon May 20, 2021
The act of deep throating a 50cal with your partners thumb up your ass
Kentucky ballistic and his camera man accidentally performed the Kentucky Plug and then uploaded it YouTube anyway.
by Demolition Ranch May 21, 2021
When a male (or female) uses the thumb of his (or her) hand to gracefully cork or seal an opening of the human body (natural or otherwise). It is not limited to any specific orifice. The act of doing so is either a sex position or emergency medical procedure depending on the situation.
"My .50 Cal just exploded, and now i'm injured! Quick, someone give me the Kentucky Plug!"


"Last night went well. She wanted a reach-around, but instead i gave her the good ol' Kentucky Plug!"
by American National May 21, 2021
A sex position where no SLAP rounds are required.
Stacy is gonna get the Kentucky Plug tonight.
by ZaWarudoKY May 20, 2021