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A funny, witty, and charming fellow named Ken or Kenny who is quietly brilliant, but likes to portray himself as the alpha male.

Like a dirty dogg, he likes his bitches and goes nuts when he catches the scent of one in heat. Known as a womanizer or a true Lothario, he has a hard time keeping his 'pen in the desk'. Or... he finds it difficult to keep his 'sword in the scabbard'. Put another way, he struggles to keep his 'snake in the grass'. To put it in words that he understands- the greatest challenge he faces is keeping his 'dogg in the bun'...

A HUGE fan of Rap music, he is reminiscent of B-rad in 'Malibu's Most Wanted', and is known by those who meet him as one truly hip wigga. His arrival is almost always announced by his beat which is usually thumping from his loud amp and top of the line speaker system. This dogg only listens to the best sound.

He is fiercely competitive and sees game in everything. And being extremely talented he usually comes out as the 'top dogg'!

This roving rover appears to travel lightly and doesnt put down roots too deeply. He is able to navigate from group to group and scene to scene with ease. Although he truly shows his canine nature when it comes to his best friend- to whom he has truly bonded. And, of course, vice versa.
That Kendogg is a true pool playa! He knocks his balls in the pockets on and off the table and is always seen with his stick in his hand!
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by GlennaTalia April 03, 2016
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