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a beautiful loving girl, at first, you may not see what she is all about, but if you let her go you will definately regret it. She will be able to love you more than any other girl. Kenadee loves the outdoors and is very adventurous. She is very smart and has one of the best personalities you will ever know. If you happen to meet a Kenadee, DO NOT LET HER GO whatsover!
Wow, she is so beautiful and funny, she must be a Kenadee
by JJohnson111 January 29, 2012
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A self absorbed oompa loompa. May be seen working for Willy Wonka, when he/she is not drunk or high
Girl 1: "wow that oompa loompa is really into her self."
Girl 2: "well what do you expect, her name is kenadee."
by saturn4310 April 03, 2010
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Someone who blacks out and wake up in the hospital
Aww man you pulled a Kenadee

Dude I woke up in the hostipal, I have no clue what happened.
Man you pulled a kenadee
by Thetruthbetold000 May 01, 2015
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