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The homosexual persona of Ken Kaniff is the creation of underground Detroit rapper Aristotle. After lending his voice to a skit on The Slim Shady LP, a dispute between Eminem and Aristotle led to the break-up of the working relationship. From the Marshall Mathers LP onwards, all skits using the Ken Kaniff persona have been performed by Eminem, not Aristotle - usually in an attempt to poke fun.

Aristotle struck back with a full-length album titled "The Ken Kaniff Show", which was independently released online at

On the album Aristotle alternates between his Ken Kaniff voice and his regular rapping style. The album features diss tracks against Eminem and contains controversial songs about topics as diverse as paedophilia, masturbation, gangsterism and is at times sadistic and humourous.

The album's site is no longer in operation and little has been heard from Aristotle since.
I am put off by the voice of Ken Kaniff and his homosexual antics.
by Sheila Bone March 18, 2006
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apparently he's from conneticut, and somewhat closet homosexual. Eminem mentions him in several songs and skits.
ken seems to have a love/hate relationship with eminem.

there are rumours that he is in fact a real person who has an album titled 'the ken kaniff show', but details are sketchy.
'this is ken kaniff from the internet, tryna' lure your kids, into bed with him'
'guess who's back, back again, ken is back, tell some men, rub my back, rub my back, rub my back...'
'you want me to lick your ass, *eminem*?'
by me old fruity August 16, 2005
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