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Keilee is the sweetest girl you will ever find. She is a down to earth type of girl. She is very shy with people she doesn’t know but once she’s comfortable around you she is crazy! A Keilee always loves a good challenge. She is a special girl that everyone deserves to have. All she wishes is to be noticed and to fit in. She is very insecure even if there is no reason to. Let her know she is appreciated and loved. It’s all she truly seeks. A Keilee will love her partner unconditionally and will never give up on you unless you give up on her first.
Guy 1: She’s so sweet

Guy 2: Who?
Guy1: Keilee
by Anonymous2023 March 13, 2018
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by James Messina August 11, 2006
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The most amazing girl you will find. She is very random. If you end up dating a Keilee she will hold onto your heart and keep it. She is extremely sexy. probably the most beautiful girl you will meet. Try very hard to find one... your life will change forever.
GUY1: Damn, there she goes.
GUY2: who?
by SSHHHARROONNNN!!!!!!!!!! November 25, 2011
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She is an amazing person overall, she can be forgetful at times but she has the prettiest smile. She is sensitive at times and she isn't ever told how great she is enough. She might be questioning her sexuality- hell she probably is. Her eyes are extremely beautiful, she has gorgeous eyes and is quite lovable. Women, men, people in general will fall for her in such short amount of times. She's a bit blunt, or open minded, but she gets her opinion out when she wants to give it. Keilee's can be very awkward at certain times but over a lasting while she'll be the one breaking the ice. Did I mention that they have great personalities? The b e s t personalities. They are kind and sweet, but they also can give a but of attitude when speaking. Their attitude are the best aspect of them though, they give that little extra s o m e t h i n g the just has people falling over and over again. If she's a Keilee, you better watch out because she might break your heart.
Boy 1: Damn who is that?
Girl1: Idk man but she's hot.
Girl 2: Oh that's Keilee.
by LPablo October 14, 2020
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