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pr:, "Key-shell", "Ka-shell", "K'Shell". Common mispronunciations include "Ker-shell", "Ker-chell", "Ka-chell-ee".

Often misunderstood as "Michelle" or "Rachelle" whereby the speaker must constantly restate the following: "No, it's Keichelle - it's like Michelle, but with a "K"!!!!"..

The term "Keichelle" is not to be confused with the similar "Keichelle the Locktician." Keichelles can usually groom dogs, but cannot braid, weave, or relax human hair. Please do not call and ask her to. While there are over 13 known Keichelles in world, there are only a few who are true to the original Keichelle nature. The first Keichelle known to the United States became established in early 1981.

The following are definitions of, but do not solely define, the term "Keichelle".

1. An American girl who is hella-uber awesome.

2. One who has two genetically different sets of DNA due to unusual fraternal twin development, but has not been genetically engineered or altered.

3. One who watches the watchers.

4. The mother to a child prodigy.

5. One who grooms dogs with style and pizazz, and really needs to go on that grooming show one day.

6. One who has equally difficult-to-pronounce middle and last names.

7. One who, when experiencing extreme boredom, goes to unusual lengths to ease the symptoms of being bored.
1. One might state to another person "She's hella-uber awesome!" Where as the one spoken to would reply: "Well duh, she is Keichelle!"

2. In an unusual circumstance one might say: "Where did the other twin go?..... Um..... Keichelle?!??"

3. Those who often are caught conspiring exclaim: "Damn it Keichelle! You ruined everything!"

4. A small extremely clever and manipulative child will often cry, "Mommy? MOOOOMmy? Ma- ma?" Where as the father of the child will exclaim: "Keichelle, your son is calling you!"

5. A pet owner can often be found saying "Oh dear, Fluffy smells like rotton turnips again and is all scraggly looking. Time to call Keichelle!"

6. People with equally or more difficult to pronounce middle names commonly have hyphenation, accent marks, or German/Romanian Origins present in each name.

7. People in a random grooming salon may come in one day to find tiny plastic green army men set up and ready to attack customers in an imaginary war. One groomer may say to the other: "Uh- what is this???" where by the other groomers will reply, "Oh that was just Keichelle again. There were no dogs last night from 4:30 PM to 9PM."
by CenturianPonii February 03, 2010
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