popee the performer.
japanese kids show set in a circus in the desert starring popee and kedamono
Guy 1: Wow, you should watch Popee The Performer
Guy 2: No way, Popee the performer is really fucking creepy and disturbing
by Equiuswag November 14, 2015
me, popee the performer.
by moth.teeeth September 1, 2021
A demonic Japanese TV show about a performer named Popee who was constructed by the demons herself to wreak havoc among the living. But all in all a pretty good TV show.
Have you seen Popee the Performer.
Yeah and now I’m blind.
by EpicLLama May 1, 2021
Popee the Performer is a 17-year-old high school dropout who is a circus performer. He wears a bunny/cat red and white striped costume and has the physical appearance of a white American teenager but is ethnically Japanese. He has a charming assistant named Kedamono, a purple wolf-like creature with a mask on his face. Popee is a violent narcissist who has jealousy issues. Popee does not have any friends or lovers. Popee has a father who is also a circus performer. Popee has a mother but he doesn't know who she is nor does he care to know. Popee has a little sister named Marifa.
You: Have you seen Popee The Performer?
Me: Yes.

You: How are you still sane after watching that?
by RoxyRixx October 12, 2022
Popee the Performer or simply known as “Popee” is a 17-year-old high school dropout who happens to be a circus performer. Popee wears a red and white striped cat costume with bright pink bunny ears. He looks like a typical white-American teenager (blue eyes, blonde hair, pale skin) but happens to be ethnically Japanese. Popee performs for a non-existent audience and practices new circus tricks with his charming assistant, Kedamono, who is a purple wolf-like creature who wears nothing but bright orange shorts. Popee is a violent, aggressive narcissist with jealousy issues. He likes torturing his assistant and creating disasters to his own delight. At one point he tried to trick god into thinking he was a good boy but miserably failed since God could literally see past his bullshit. Popee has no friends. Popee has a father named Papi who is also a circus performer. Papi strives to have a healthy father-and-son relationship with Popee, but Popee neglects his father and treats him pretty badly. Popee has a mother but doesn’t know who or where she is. Popee has 1 sister named Marifa. Popee is an anime, cartoon character from the Japanese kid show, Popee the Performer.
You: Have you ever watched Popee the Performer?
Your friend: No.
You: Good.
by MsJacques October 16, 2022