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A person of this name is a leader. They are charming and friendly. Although this person can be mischevious from time to time they are still fiercely loyal and make a great friend! This person has lots of hidden talents and is very creative.
Kazden is my Hero
by Kaz2020 January 20, 2011
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synonym: veganism
kosher kid who likes to get rides to universal and suck tranny cock. loves to eat 2 matzah balls and one dill pickle kosher.
Lissette: Hey KAZDEN wanna hump my latina taco bell manure smelling beaver?
Matt: nah, i'm vegan

Zach: Kazden, I'm going to universal with my friends next week. Sorry I can't hang out
Matt: Give me a ride.
Zach: I didn't invite you
Matt: Fuck you I'm never talking to you again .
Zach: Lul
by markf45 June 09, 2018
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