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1) (n) A drink concoction of everything left over at a party into shots

2) (n) A deadly fever that results from excessive drinking and bad habits

3) (v) To pick up the prettiest hunnies on the face of the earth

4) (adj) to love limes uncontrollably

5) (v) to fuck a bitch raw
1) After the party we took tequila, 151, jager, and everything else we had left over and made kaytone shots.

2) I drank so much this week that i caught the kaytone, i think im going to die.

3) I kaytoned on the boardwalk today, the girls were bangin'.

4) The plump little boy was so kaytone that he wanted lime juice on everything.

5) Who needs condoms? I kaytoned that bitch.
by CHANDLER Bender August 06, 2009
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