Kayle, charming ,beautiful, gorgeous cute, amazing but not just that, she is smart, funny, HILARIOUS and will act strong but don't let that fool you, she can be weak,if you see her cry be there for her, if you and her are together keep her,love her treat her better. She can get selfish and sassy sometimes but she has a really warm heart oh and let's not forget about her BIG ATTITUDE she will give you a huge one if you get her mad but besides that. She may call her self pretty and beautiful or other words but to her it's a joke she thinks she is the opposite. But she is actually very beautiful. Other than that she will be the bestest FRIEND you will ever have so keep her with you and don't lose her.
I wish I could be like Kayle
by The one wh ok is werid November 24, 2019
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She is a beautiful girl who is kind sweet and who is shy.But she can have a bad attitude and she can break your heart and she will act tough mean but she will care for you she is a loyal friend and will give you compliments. She will back you up for anything. If you ever meet a Kayle make sure to make her happy and keep her with you at all times.
Kayle is amazing
by The one wh ok is werid October 18, 2019
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A gorgeous, special girl. Afraid to open herself up fully, she needs someone to truely care for her, a guy that will make her fall but will also be there to catch her before she hits the bottom. Radiant with natural beauty this girl has the power to steal hearts but also to break them. The most loving and caring.
Kayle is loved truely by Dustin Shireman.
by OneWish March 6, 2009
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One of the best girls to hang out with. She loves sports. She gets all the guys. She can steal and break hearts. She loves to take risks. She will open up to people she trust. And she is your local savage.
Kayle is your kind of person.
by Bestsavage July 10, 2017
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Kayle is kind she is beautiful,she always by ur side no matter what,sometimes she can break ur heart but fix it. She always there for u no matter what and she also not good at keeping secrets lol.Her love of her life starts with a with theater J and ends with a N. But if u have NEVER met a kayle then ur kinda lost.
Kayle is #gorgeous she has 5 best friends
by The one wh ok is werid October 29, 2018
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a super fantastic girl who loves everyone and everyone loves in return. She is also amazing at oral and is a freak in the sheets. She has amazing boobs and all other girls are jealous and want to be her and all the guys want to fuck her. She is loved by many guys but gave her heart to only one.
"Damn that girl is such a Kayle."
by Dramagurl March 27, 2009
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Kayle is a name... not sex or anything related. and she is a beautiful girl and guys miss out if they let go of her. Kayle is a caring girl who loves animals and hanging out with friends. She HATES school and wishes that griffin lastname would go die in a hole. Caleb lastname and her are perfect!!!! They love each other sooooooo much now go find urself a kayle! ( BUT there is probably only one KAYLE in the world bc it is spelled really weird...
Hot DAMN I wish I had a KAYLE!!!!!!
by Alexis arial January 12, 2013
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