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"A Thing Of Death" A blood pressure cuff placed around a drug addicted squirrels neck. A fictitious name used on FaceBook by very twisted and demented people. A shield in which one protects themselves from the backlash of societies opinions of ones self.
"Oh how cruel is the world....that I have the Kavorkian Scarf......round My neck!"
"I was just scarfed!"
"And I digress that humanity is still, by and large...pathetic.....Glad I have my Kavorkian Scarf...Round My Neck!"
by Kavorkian Scarf February 02, 2010
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The device that takes blood pressure, which is then rapped around ones neck.
While snooping around his grandmothers bedroom looking for winter mittens and scarves, little Johny comes warps his neck with a Kavorkian Scarf.
by Nick Wade McClellan June 13, 2007
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