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Kavitha is very funny, sweet, smart, and beautiful. She has an insane sense of humor and can make ANYONE laugh with her

randomness. Kavitha has an amazing personality and and cares about everyone. She has a bit of a temper and always needs

to be right but she always stands up for her self and for her loved ones. She loves music and has an AMAZING voice, even

if she doesn't think so. She is absolutely beautiful and has a gorgeous smile :) She is soo cute and adorable. She a

huge dork but it's perfect. :) She is very sarcastic and hilarious. She is inanely smart and know how to make anything

better. She may be very insecure of herself but she shouldn't be because she is amazing and perfect. So remind her of

that. Kavitha is very loving of others and selfless so make sure you love her back and let her know how much you appreciate

her. If you know or ever meet a Kavitha, make sure you don't let her go. Also, if you ever fall for a Kavitha, know you
are in good hands, she will love you with her warm heart. :)
Kavitha is so nice and funny!
by ConnK:) May 06, 2016
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small brown girl marked by extreme insolence. Often partakes in tomfoolery and other such schenanigans.
A Kavitha was spotted today bonking awkward fellows atop the head.
by pants1111 September 21, 2005
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Short, brown girl with toe socks. Typically obsessed with eyeballs and Vampire Diaries. She's really chill but you don't wanna mess with her.

Kavitha can also be the girl with boobs that you've been crushing on since 8th grade.
Kavitha is such a weird person. She keeps sending me pictures of her eyeball.

Dayum, look at that Kavitha over there! Owee! That chick is hot!
by FreshOuttabounds March 20, 2014
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