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Katzenmeyer is a 6'7 tall, scary ass man. He towers over you like he's the Eiffel Tower and you're just a lousy ant and he will gaze down on you with such disappointment. Do everything perfectly with this man or he will rein hell by telling you "I'm very disappointed in you." or "one more time." As you are dying from dehrdraytion from marching too long. Before every concert he will say "that is not good enough" but after concerts he will be silent and not say a word about how bad it really was. Once you get on the tall mans good side and he praises you he will be jumping around and screaming on how proud he is of you

Katzenmeter I'd like on of those nice, sweet ladies you see at supermarkets. But instead of giving you candy, he gives you a scary ass stare that will stay in your brain forever
Madison: Did you see the glare Katzenmeyer gave the trumpets in class today?
Barry: Yeah, I feel bad for them. That glare will haunt their dreams forever
by Marchingband4life July 23, 2019
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A man so tall that he is intimidating and even when he is giving you praise, you feel very judged.
George: Was Katzenmeyer mad?
Dan: no, just disappointed.
by Wootwoottoottootflute August 02, 2019
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