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A species of anthropomorhpic cat people that are found in the Quest For Glory game series. And do not exist in real life
by Anonymous September 02, 2003
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Originally a Palestinian name of a very powerful figure. Kattum means the highest form of powerfulness. Currently a family name of a Palestinian family found living in Jilijlia, Palestine. The Kattom family lives in Jilijlia because Jilijlia is considered to be a rich and well protected city. Well protected becouse of the Kattum family.
Person 1: Hey that guy is very Powerful!
Person 2: Even more powerful then Kattum!
Person 1: NOOOway not even close to being that powerful!
by Kattum Kattum October 12, 2011
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A word predominantly used in India, a Katta is a white male infamous for violent crimes against black people. They are also known for their unorthodox and brutal sexual fetishes. Years of forensic data analysis point towards a clear pattern in the way they choose their victims. Kattas have a clear bias towards middle-aged homeless black males. The ritual of sodomizing their victims includes spooning with them for about 6.9 hours, at the end of which they softly whisper into the victim's ears " May my divine white phallus liberate your soul from this black pathetic existence".
According to statements from survivors, they were lured with promises of helping them score As in their projects. However all of them ended up getting only a micro-D.

Between June-July 2017, there was a surge in katta-related sex offences at the Fed-Ex office in Pune. The most katta plagued area in India as per CBI ( Central Bureau of Investigation) 2017 reports is a small town called Pilani in the outskirts of Rajasthan.

" Every katta should be castrated" - Hindustan Times (2016)
" I hope you get forked over by a katta"
" You met a katta?!! Wait, black or white?... Oh black! that's cool "
by MolestedByKattaRises June 02, 2018
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