A word used mainly by Ukrainians to refer to Russians in a negative tone. Originates from the word 'goat' (tsap), referring to the goatees once almost universally popular in Russia
I don't understand all those complaints from katsaps living in foreign countries - let them all return to their native Katsapstan!
by Connoisseur78 July 19, 2011
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It's what Ukrainians say on russians.
Був кацап, немає кацапа
Was katsap, and now there is no katsap.
Byv katsap, nemae katsapa
by IceyUA June 9, 2022
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Originates from Turkish word "butcher", "slaughterer". This is how Ukrainians and all other nations that had to deal with them used to call Russians since 18th century for their cruelty in killing.
katsap, kacap, kasap devil had stole the moon
by Ukra March 12, 2023
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