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A neighborhood occupied primarily by Hurricane Katrina evacuees in a city like Houston or Dallas. These neighborhoods all went to the dumps when Katrinans moved in and started whining that the government wasn't giving them enough free stuff. Katrinaville is usually covered in trash, has bard on all the windows and a crackhead on every corner, and is a good place to get shot if you're wearing the wrong color.
My old neighborhood used to be so nice, but in 2005 it turned into Katrinaville and now it's full of drug dealers and thieves.
by djtrixen February 15, 2011
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An encompassing nickname for any area hit and destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.

Especially South Louisiana.

Sometimes shortened to K Ville.
I have to go to Katrinaville in order to help my parents out; their house in New Orleans got a lot of damage.
by Pobos May 24, 2007
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