Catholic with Taliban tendencies.

While the average Catholic is harmless, a Katoliban is armed with special powers vested upon him/her by the Magisterium to rid the world of the infidels (that means adherents of other religions, atheists, agnostics, deists, Satanists, pagans).

A Katoliban is a Church apologist who will never apologize for offending other people's beliefs but will insist that everyone else should respect his.

A Katoliban believes his/her country is a Vatican colony therefore all State affairs must conform to the teachings of the Magisterium. Fuck the Bible, the Magisterium is the shit you have to believe.

A priest is not necessarily a Katoliban. Ironically, the most rabid ones are lay people.

The only difference between a Katoliban and a Taliban is a modified AK-47.
A Katoliban will oppose Reproductive Health citing Vatican documents teaching that contraception is immoral.
by FifthHorseman August 5, 2011
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