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Katielee is a very happy person she can get in her moods sometimes but that’s okay.Katielee gets a lot of boys and your very lucky if your one.Katielee is not attracted to girls she’s only into men.Katielee is very loyal when you need her to be.If your looking to party and drink Katielee is the one to call.Katielee likes long lasting relationships she didn’t like short ones.So if ur katielees man your lucky.Katielee also has a very big booty and boobs.
She’s definitely a Katielee,Did you see how she partied. Did you also see her (booty)
by Katie_Simple April 23, 2018
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A girl who has an affair with a taken man and falls in love, but ends up heartbroken and alone in the end. Adapted from a southern folk song which the generic and common name “Katie” is used and Lee is adapted from the rumors of Bruce Lee cheating on his wife.
Thought she would be my step mom but she’s just another Katie lee.
by Getoverit May 02, 2019
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