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Historical and elite Gentleman's Club of the University of St. Andrews. The main aims of the club are to raise money for charities and to uphold university traditions. However the club is often criticized for its exclusivity and secrecy. Members are described as pretentious and arrogant and originate from wealthy and influential families.
Person A: The Kate Kennedy Club raised 100000 pounds for charity this year!
Person B: They most likely pocketed half of it....
by London5000 June 11, 2007
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An ancient old-boys club at the University of St Andrews, widely considered one of the most prestigious gentlemen's clubs in the world. The club is responsible for maintaining the University's innumerable traditions. As a result of its selectivity and highly secretive nature, the club remains under constant scrutiny.
Student 1: Why are those guys wearing the same ugly tie, silly trousers, doing cocaine, and treating women terribly?

Student 2: Because they have no respect for anything and are in the Kate Kennedy Club.
by Rugbylash87 November 24, 2008
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