In the year 843 B.C. Macedonia, the reign of Kate the Great was errant. The people, becoming upset, had decided to overthrow their Queen and control the greatest city ever. With her final last words which had a bittersweet symphonous meaning: REMEMBER WHO IS YOUR GODDESS, YOUR QUEEN, YOUR ONLY RULER! KATE THE GREAT! with the last speech, her existence fell underground, for centuries she turned tricks in the French government, selling cigarettes and running the most classiest of whore houses. It was when in 923, France, Kate's existence became apparent once again, having killed King Robert I, she in turned used her advanced ancient military tactics until she moved to america and became a normal girl. However, she still retained the famous name "Kate the Great".
Kate the Great > Samuel L. Jackson > Chuck Norris.
by Dave the Brave June 24, 2008
She is the most awesome person ever in the Mysterious Benedict Society Series. She carries around a bucket full of everything she needs and is very agile and athletic. See also, Kate Weatherall.
OMG, it's Kate The Great Weather Machine, y'all
by Juliana Renfroe June 8, 2013