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Very shy when you first meet her but when you get to know her she is not shy. She's goofy and loves to make other people happy even if she's not happy herself . She is loyal and even if someone hurts her she is still willing to be there for them. She loves food. She's more mature than others but still has that childish side to her. She's an amazing girlfriend and listens to anyone's problems. She expects a lot form her spouse and loves attention. She doesn't like to hurt people's feelings and tends to try her best to be gentle. She had anger issues and will go off on anyone that bothers her. She's super friendly and loves to talk, makes friends fast. And she forgives people but never forgets.
She beautiful and has the best personality in the world. Beautiful golden skin.
Kassie/Kassandra is beautiful and has the best personality in the world, she's the best friend, girlfriend, and family member.
by Official.kassie March 15, 2017
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