An amazing, sweet, loveable guy that is willing to do anything to make his friends happy. He has many friends that are girls, but he stays true to "his" girl. He loves her with all his heart. If you find yourself with a Kasey, don't ever let him go because he is special and truly loves and cares for you. Also, he isn't afraid to show how much he loves his girl. He doesn't act different around her or his friends, all him all the time.
Lily: I'm so glad Kasey asked me out!

Jenna: Your so lucky... I wish that my boyfriend would be as extra with me like Kasey is with you...
Lily: It's okay. You'll find someone better.

Kasey: *running from the basketball court with the biggest smile* BABE!! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!! *hugs Lily tightly*
Jenna: Hey, baby.
Josh: oh, uh, hi babe?
Jenna: UGH! Why can't you love me!
by anonymousbabe444 March 07, 2018
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Kasey is a girl who loves to swear and joke around with her friends and say weird random things to make them laugh and it works. But when I say she likes to swear she likes to SWEAR ALOT
Kasey is so funny.

Yesterday Kasey was swearing and the teacher walked by and didn’t even here her
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The girl that noone fucks around with. She likes McDonald's anytime, she is a tough girl and won't take crap from anyone. She will fight anyone who makes her mad, she gets mad easily #kasey #dosano
Wow Kasey is a keeper
by Mac225 May 31, 2017
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a temptress who could make any guy horny simply by singing she is that amazing i love her
jake i was online with kasey and she sung and i jizzed my pants instantly

desperate oh yeah she is that good

jake shut up desperate!
by Goldensoldier A April 04, 2011
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That crazy bitch that lives her life 0 to 100 real quick and doesn't give two shits unless she's past curfew.
Did she really just suggest we kill the cat?

That's Kasey for you man. She's fucking crazy.
by MooseOnesie January 22, 2015
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Kaito: Hey, Tiny
Tiny: Yesh?
Kaito: Is that....Kasey?
Tiny: Well, lets see. Shes hot, looks powerful and she has "Psy" tatooed on her arm, it must be!
by Shacksause October 04, 2008
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really sexy hot girl. could be a model and is an amazing swimmer. she is a girl who even older girls want to be and everyone loves her.kasey is a thin tan and really sexy person and alot of times youll see a kasey and conor dating
dang that girl is sexy!

yeah! thats a kasey!
by kate19961997 December 13, 2011
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