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Kascha has the most beautiful skin tone. Her smile glows from ear to ear and her eyes are as wide as the sky. She is the cutest, most innocent girls you will ever meet and you will not be able to stop thinking about her. She is gentle and polite and is very easy going. She is small but sexy. You've messed up big if you've ever lost a Kascha. She is rare and extremely lovable. She has an artistic talent and a talent to touch peoples hearts. I love Kascha.
"I met Kascha today"
"She's amazing right?"
"Oh yeh. she touched my heart"
by yehnahstraya March 26, 2018
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The blackest, sassyest girl ever
This girl is from the deepest of ghettos but has blonde hair and blue eyes
you cant mess with a Kascha.
she'll bitch slap you
"Damn, trick. dont be actin' like a KASCHA"
by mrssassy hjshf January 11, 2010
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