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A Karmapreneur is a Strategic Entrepreneur that looks for definitive problems to solve, targets the solutions and evaluates the results. A Karmapreneur is always measuring and correcting strategies and opportunities and marries this with Passion, Purpose, Pleasure and Philanthrophy. These four core values is what distinguishes a Karmapreneur from a solopreneur or other Entrepreneurship types. A Successful Karmapreneur must have all four core values present in any task or venture they undertake, whether the venture be for profit or no profit. Many Karmapreneur's undertake ventures for a loss as well as long as it benefits society and humanity at large.
Karmapreneur His Highness The Aga Khan 4
Karmapreneur Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson
Karmapreneur William Henry Gates 3
Karmapreneur Warren Buffet
Karmapreneur Oprah Winfrey
by Samuel Nazer Walsh May 18, 2011
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