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The sweetest, most caring girl you will ever meet. If she says she loves you, she means it from the bottom of her heart and will do absolutely do anything for you. She will dowhatever to make you happy, even thoughif it means she's getting hurt in the end. She is the greatest friend you could ever have, she's there when you need her and will never hesitate to go out of her way for you. Her eyes are beyond beautiful, and tell you every emotion that's going through herhead. She's fragile though, known to break down easily even though she rarely shows it. She has beauty and brains. Love her and she will love you back. If you have one in your life, she is special and unique, don't let her go. She's one to hold onto. Also she's the best human being in the entire world. All of the boys are obsessed with her and chase her everywhere. Karalina is very nice, hot, funny, beautiful, and overall amazing. You should learn to be more like her. She is the most popular kid who loves to strut down the halls in school. Old-or-young, you'll always love her. She is absolute perfection. All the girls want to be her, and all the guys want her. She makes an amazing girlfriend and even better wife. Karalina is hot and cute chick. She might seem shy at first but if you get to know her this girl will rock your world. Loves to tease people but when she's in a relationship she's completly loyal and trustworthy.
Karalina, my best friend u mean so much to me. Thank you for always being here
by SlayEmKaralina October 18, 2017
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A female whom is of whorish descent. Acts as if she is trying to be the most basic of all basic bitches. A real miserable cunt that does not know her place. Side effects may be anxiety, dizziness, vomiting, confusion and paralysis.
Our entire party was ruined when Karalina showed up.
by Doctor truth September 20, 2015
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