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Pronounced (Ka-pl-oo-sh)
1. Verb. The act of one person sticking a plunger up another's asshole during sexual intercourse. Usually followed by the question "What the fuck was that?".

2. Verb 2. The act of one person taking a shit on a male's penis during sexual intercourse. The "shitter" is usually expected to suck the penis after this turn of events.

3. Noun. An incredibly lumpy black scrotum that appears to be a small, puffy bag of shit.
1. As Kelly laid unconsciously on the bed, Steven grabbed the closest object (a plunger) and proceeded to ram it up Kelly's asshole. When Kelly awoke and realized that her asshole had been violated by a dirty plunger, she screamed at Steven, "What the Fuck was that? Why the hell didn't you just use your penis?!" Steven replied "I wanted to Kaploushe you. And I didn't want to get my penis all shitty."

2. Kelly was so furious with Steven that she took the world's largest dump on Steven's tiny penis. Kelly yelled at Steven, "How was that Kaplouche you dumbshit?!"

3. Just at the height of Kelly and Steven's argument, a hugely cocked black man walked into the room. Kelly and Steven stared in aw at the black man's rough and super lumpy ballsack and together they both proceeded to say, "Look at the Kaplouche on that guy!"
by The Kaplouche God November 07, 2010
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