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Kanooe (n.) (pronounced canoe or Ka-knew/ Ka-knoo)
A hybrid narcotic that is derived from cannabis and coca leaf, otherwise ignorantly called together as marijuana and cocaine. Kanooe has affects similar to that of the derivatives' common drug form. It has gained the name "Kanooe" because of the rocky wave-like feeling you get when you are under the influence of this drug. It's official name was Equaledo(equal-eedo) coming from the two latin roots (Eqqus-ledo)of calm and hit or hurt. The feeling of taking it is like a calm strong wave knocking you over again and again which is how it gained the official name from an unnamed Greek philosopher.

Kanooe is a relatively cheap and easy drug to obtain. It can be either snorted when dried and ground, eaten when cooked,or smoked in skins, but not injected, and is commonly used in Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and most commonly found in Florida. This was a popular drug of the 90's and is currently trending in the south.
"Hey bruh, wanna put some Kanooe in our cookies"
"umm..Hell yeah! why would we not?!"
by br1ck1inth3wall September 16, 2014
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