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The bestfriend a girl could ever ask for. Always makes people smile and laugh. Almost like a sister. She will always love and be loved by the people around her.
That girl is like a Kanita !
by lauuuurenn November 15, 2010
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Kanita is a down to earth woman. She will do anything for you and ask for nothing in return. This girl is smart and intelligent, but family always comes first to here. She gets a lot of guys because shes usually hot. Her personality is like a rainbow, she could be mad, sad, happy, or silly any day. Don't mess with her because she will talk back to you. Basically shes a bubbly person that's fun to be around. She knows how to take a joke, but when its time to get serious she will be as serious as she can be. Most of the time she is hyper, and she's not not afraid of crowds.
Camilla: Are you okay
Jackie: Yeah Kanita helped me out with my problem.

Edin: Your like a monkey! hahaha
Kanita: I know right, and your the donkey! hahahah
by Emily:))BLAHBLAH January 03, 2014
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Someone who gets hyper a lot and loves
to yell at everyone while dancing
OMG! Did you see that Kanita on the dance floor? No wonder she's dancing alone.
by Seirra Mist March 07, 2009
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