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Kamoi can be a smartass or sarcastic. But once you get to know him he's SO kind, loving, caring, generous, and very protective! He can make you laugh and smile all the time! If your down or need to talk someone He's an amazing listener. And If meet him then stay with him forever!
I need to find the perfect sentence for Kamoi
by KkSunny March 22, 2018
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Kamoi is a crazy and wild person! She is so sweet and kind and caring! Kamoi is one of those people who has love in their hearts for everyone including the people who can be really annoying and rude. Kamoi is like an Emily if you have one don't let her go ever! She will always make time for you! Kamoi is also one of the best people to have in your life because weather you're feeling down or depressed she will always be there for you! Kamoi's are also the type of people who are super crazy and energetic and will do anything! If you have a Kamoi never let her go because no matter where she is weather she's in a different city, state/province or even county she will always be there for you!! Kamoi's are awesome People!
Emily: Hey did you meet Kamoi

Ruth: No who is she?

Emily: She's the really crazy and energetic person!

Ruth: Oh I have to go meet her, wanna come with me?

Emily: Sure! You're gonna LOVE her!!! 😍
by Monkeygurl🐡 December 05, 2018
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