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Kamden is a warm hearted, Athletic, and funny person. Kamden might be sad a lot, but he's a very loving person and he's someone easy to fall in love with. He could be a very good friend if you are nice to people.
by TheFIsh77 May 12, 2018
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A cute, funny, and smart boy who has bright blue eyes, black hair and does stupid crap. He is really cute, and girls love him!
Kamden is so hot!
by Jess the Dancer May 31, 2018
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She is the most intelligent person you'll ever meet! She's sarcastic and funny.
"I just met probably the smartest person I've ever met."
"I bet it was Kamden."
by MagsXLC May 19, 2015
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a black male with an xtremely large penis who strikes fear in the heart of females when he removes his pants.
omg! did u see his giant kamden-like genitalia? no, show me ur genitals ur genitals what? show me ur genitals ur genitalia!
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A very funny, sweet, and cute boy with gorgeous blonde hair. His eyes are as blue as the waves of the deep blue ocean. He can get a little clingy and annoying often, but no matter what, he will always be a very good person all around! He’s pretty well known and is very athletic and has a brilliant mindest and is quite popular in ways!
Wow that Kamden guy is so cute!
by April 09, 2019
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Kamden is a black dude who always brags about something he likes, he is a dick head he is always going to be fake, the girls who he dates think he’s cute af but all he going to do is break up with them for stupid reasons. Very easy to roast, Plus he’s a huge fat ass and doesn’t care for is friends or gf. He would spread rumors about the girls he dated and make fun of them when he is done dating with them. I dated him he was a huge ass hole!!! After we broke up he instantly spreader fake rumors about me it sucked!!!!🙄
Girl: Hey kamden lately has being a huge dick!

Other girl: I know! When we broke up he’s been instantly made fun of me and how I look.

Boy: Our ‘friend’ thing broke, he’s fake anyway.
by Sunshine.Luna February 19, 2019
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A hot, tall guy with green eyes, very athletic and smart. He likes to meet new people and is a good friend.
Kamden is a very easy person to get along with.
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by The truth236 October 18, 2018
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