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Cute, Sexy, Pretty, Fun, Outgoing, Loves to laugh, Caring, Great sister, Easily irritated by others stupitidy, has dumb moments, Loves being a rebel, does her own thing, loves her best friend, Loves to party, nice bum and gorgous hair! Kamaries aren't not afraid to speak their mind and are very smart. They find it easy to grab attention from guys and are HUGE flirts! Sporty and music lovers Kamaries are the best damn things out there :D
boy 1: I wish there was a girl somewhere for me...
boy 2: Have you ever met a Kamarie? :)
by Bee00001 November 13, 2011
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The most bants guy you'll ever meet
Sick at everything
Alpha male
That's a kamarie I can tell because he's sick
by !:? January 14, 2018
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