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Kalynne is an outgoing person with lots of energy. Kalynne is as sarcastic as you can get. She has her own definition of beauty. Kalynne is a great friend. A person with the name of Kalynne works hard and plays even harder. Kalynne is a person you want to know!
Kalynne has nice ass nice body sense of humorloyalness Kalynne is truthful and is really awesome
by Attorney General Awesome February 05, 2010
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Kalynne is a sarcastic, amazing human being. She’s usually an introvert and always ships the most random things. She’s kind at first glance, but may be tough if you piss her off. An overall amazing human.
Person 1: Kalynne is so mean
Person two: How DARE you! She probably hates you too.
by Memequeenonthesilverscreen March 02, 2018
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someone who know how to treat people right but can a total dickhead at times
uhh kalynnes a fagot bro.
by rahh master69 May 02, 2019
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