A beautiful girl with amazing style. A girl who is down to do anything. Loves to go out every weekend, or can stay home and relax with her boyfriend. She's a really good flirt but when it comes down to being in a serious relationship, she is committed to make her man happy! She's amazing in the bed shhhh don't tell Kalynn's i said that! She's always down to try something new. I suggest you guys go find you a Kalynn!
Girl: Did you see what Kalynn is wearing today? It's totally cute!

Boy: Dude, look at the girl, shes sexy!!!!
by Princess Ginaaaaaaaa April 12, 2012
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1-Only the most lovable girl ever.
2-A beautiful example of the feminine species.
1-You're my Kalynn.
2-Oh, she's such a Kalynn.
by Carlos Hierro August 29, 2008
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She is very addictive and will make your life ten times better. If you ever have a crush on a Kalynn then there is a 50% chance she likes you back. If you ever date a Kalynn don’t break her heart because your whole life would be depressing without her. So don’t ever let leave your life. If you and a Kalynn ever get in an argument just agree with her because if you don’t you would regret it.
Boy:I just met a Kalynn today.

Boy2:That’s awesome. You should become close friends with her.
by ILoveYou😘 July 23, 2018
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Kalynne is an outgoing person with lots of energy. Kalynne is as sarcastic as you can get. She has her own definition of beauty. Kalynne is a great friend. A person with the name of Kalynne works hard and plays even harder. Kalynne is a person you want to know!
Kalynne has nice ass nice body sense of humorloyalness Kalynne is truthful and is really awesome
by Attorney General Awesome February 5, 2010
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A word to describe the best person ever. This person is amazing to be around and drop dead gorgeous. They will make your life better.
Friend 1- "Dude, I just met a KaLynn."

Friend 2- "Wow, don't lose her."
by Friends5ever April 28, 2013
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The most beautiful girl you’ll ever meet. Typically blonde but sometimes brunette. She’s selfless and kind but also has a wildside. Makes a great friend and an even better partner. If you ever meet a KaLynn, hold on to her.
Man look at KaLynn, she’s so perfect!”
by Eli234567810 March 27, 2018
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Kalynne is a sarcastic, amazing human being. She’s usually an introvert and always ships the most random things. She’s kind at first glance, but may be tough if you piss her off. An overall amazing human.
Person 1: Kalynne is so mean
Person two: How DARE you! She probably hates you too.
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