The cutest, most amazing, most gorgeous girl alive, everything about her is everything someone could want in girl, she has beautiful eyes and a beautiful smile, shes pretty much perfect.
Have you met Kalika? She's beautiful!
by Quinn123 February 21, 2011
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The Goddess of Destruction in South Asian mythology. In modern day, refers to a part-time drag queen in Seattle that was quite passable in her skinnier days.
Dang girl did you see Kalika? She's fierce tranny McHotmess and NOT apologizing for it.
by friendsofdorothy32 July 17, 2008
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That one girl you know that loves to party. She's the kind of girl that will wake up naked inside of a taco truck and think "What the hell happened last night?" and then proceed to finish her drink from last night. You NEED her at all of your parties or else you are a nobody to everybody.
"Dude! The only way our party will be worth any mention is if Kalika is there."
by EHHHHHHHHHHH August 20, 2015
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Kalika is a really nice person she is a person that never starts fights she is a really caring kind person she is shy sometime when you get to know she is not shy she is all way friendly.she likes animals and like going out in nature.
by Sophia2009 March 12, 2021
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