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A word used to pronounce someone's/something's power over someone/something. Often following "all like" and ended with an exclamation point.

"I was playing Halo and this sniper thought he was gonna drop me but, I was all like Kakow! Peeled him one."

"Global warming is all like Kakow! on our ecosystem."
by Fred Watson January 08, 2008
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Ka-Kow is an expression frequently used in the Adult Swim show Frisky Dingo. Mostly, it is used by Stan and Xander Crews. It is safe to presume it is an alternative to Boosh. It's meaning is very similar, in that it is used to express awesomeness on an extremely high level.
...of our new president, Ta'Qil, whose appointment is attributed to a corrupt supreme court justice..

-and more specifically, Stephen Breyer! Boosh!

- and/or Ka-Kow!
by HYLAN the verbose May 26, 2009
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The one word used to describe all awesome or amazing things that have ever existed or will ever come to be.
Guy 1: "Hey man, look at his new swastika patch."
Guy 2: "That's really Kakow."
by kakowman July 24, 2012
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