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Kakoos is a South Indian word that means toilet, in Malayalam, Tamil and Kannada. Also is used as a slang for bullshit. Today the usage of this word "Kakoos" is popular among people, predominantly urban youth and some cocky oldies, who wish to add a cool quotient to their vocabulary. It's the next big thing after Bollocks.
few examples of popular usage.
1. "I will not take your kakoos".
2. "Don't give me Kakoos".
3. "You are full of Kakoos"
4. "You are Kakoosing me".
by Sasi Maharaj, Travancore. January 18, 2010
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the stage of shit when it becomes to big for the human eye to see
DAMN!!! who is your kakoo that big
by theman0975 February 24, 2010
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