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Very sexy, beautiful, Nice body, but short. Not fat but has her curves. She can get any guy she obsesses over. people underestimate her often but when they get to know her shes one of the most sweetest girls you will know. She should be with a guy with the name that starts with an A, maybe andy or adam. She cant make her own decisions and she appreciates what others do for her even if she cant express it. She is also good in bed. She will always be on your mind and shes cute, someone you just want to cuddle and hug forever. You can always tell her anything shes a great listener.
Irresistible, short, cute, amazing, likeable, Kaitlan, Kay, Kate
by Legacy ng July 06, 2011
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a complex female who never knows what she wants. Relates her life to songs. Her favorite movie is Scarface and she loves the color yellow. And is just a normal human being who dares to be different. Whom by the way will marry Nick Jonas one day!
That Kaitlan girl, is game! :D
by Kaitlan Marlow January 12, 2009
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