A beautiful and smart girl whos confident.
OMG you are friends with Kaisla? Im jealous.
by User1386 November 24, 2021
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Kaisla is that best friend whos always got your back. She is caring and helpful and always does her best to cheer you up. She can have mood swings and bad days but she is never too angry or sad to help a friend out of trouble.
Kaislas are loyal and caring so if you share a secret with them you can trust them. If you betray Kaisla you’ll rarely earn back their trust.
Kaislas usually have a strange skill.
Kaislas are comfortable with their own looks, they usually have light eyes and sharp features.

Kaisla is a great friend and loyal gf who will always be there for you.
-Oh look there goes Kaisla!
-she is your gf, right?
-Yeah shes so confident and loyal.
by User1386 November 24, 2021
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kaisla is a finnish mean unsocial gay
hey is that kaisla?
omg yea shes so fat!
by kaisla November 1, 2020
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